Battle for Azeroth: First Impression in Pictures!

Heart of Azeroth

I have been quiet for a wee bit soaking up all that I can in the new expansion Battle for Azeroth. Z & Cinder have a new Blog Challenge – #37 First Impression: Battle for Azeroth in Pictures. So I’ve grabbed a handful of pictures I took along my way as I cleared all story content I could find. I hope you enjoy them.  🙂

Boralus is amazing. I don’t even know if I will be able to fully explore this vast city before the expansion is done.

Boralus FishingThe city feels alive with so much attention to detail. It bogles the mind with how they can craft something like this.

Boralus City Alive

Drustvar was my first zone and I was just was taken aback at how well the world itself was done!

Stunning Drustvar

The questing was, to me, incredible. I really felt drawn in and I have to thank the addon Immersion for some of that. It just made absorbing the quest text enjoyable!

Some quests were fun and a little silly,

A Drink With Flynn

Some were action packed,

Chasing Pricilla Ashvane

Some were just plain fun,

Norwington Estate

And some tugged at your heart as they carried you along,

Brother AddingtonStormsong Releasing Spirits





Still there were times where I could relax,

Stormsong Peaceful Moments

And times I could soak in the atmosphere.

Stormsong Deadwash

But we must not forget it is just the beginning and we are still at war!

Still at War

All in all it was amazing and I’m looking forward to more fun in Battle for Azeroth!

Playful Tortolans


Till next time adventurers, Elune-Adore!

Tiragarde at Night

Tomorrow I will be posting a more in depth first impressions. Thank you and please don’t forget to head on over and check out the other great posts in this blog challenge!



  1. Gorgeous screenshots. I must get that look of the balance artifact moon thing. I just rerolled to Balance to give that a try 🙂 Immersion is a fantastic addon. Have you tried Immersive too? It fades out the entire interface 🙂 I am running with another addon called ImmersiveFade – that is easier to customize and set up. It’s great for city touring too.

    Sweet sweet deer. I am beginning to miss that travel form. Fits well into the theme 🙂

    • Thank you. 🙂

      I tried Immersive but I was not a fan of losing all my UI whilst questing but still needed some elements to fade. I will certainly have a look at ImmersiveFade. I do plan on doing a UI blog in the near-ish future but it may take me learning more lua as I am not entirely happy with it as it stands and I really don’t like having tons of addons that may break on updates and ones I would only use one function from. xD

      • I felt the same way – ImmersiveFade is better in that regard 🙂 Oh, I am with you on that; it is so frustrating when ones UI is all messed up on patch days! I try to run minimalistic too – but actionbars and HoT tracking is a must, all days.

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