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Night Warrior Cover

One of the things that spurred on my return was Alunaria’s article Auberdine Rebuilt. I love Auberdine and Darkshore. These places hold some of my earliest and fondest memories of playing in World of Warcraft and I have to say seeing them so thoroughly gutted in Cataclysm then all but wiped off the map in Battle for Azeroth has really hurt. I miss the beauty and sound that they were so very much.

Into the night!

I’m not going to go into every detail of the story content as by now I am sure most have played through it and for those that haven’t there are many blogs and youtube videos out there that cover every detail. I will say that I have thoroughly enjoyed the Alliance story and campaign as much I have the entire story since the beginning of Battle for Azeroth. Yes the pacing is off a bit and the method of story delivery still needs to evolve more but wow is it ever so good.

On to the good stuff with plenty of screenshots! I played through the Night Warrior questline and as can be seen by the featured image I took a rather large bite of the cookie and update Wildeheart to reflect her heart. She has completely given herself to following Tyrande and accepted the gift Elune has granted her people. Horde beware Inara Wildeheart has returned and vengeance flows through her veins. hehe

I have loved seeing Tyrande Whisperwind and Malfurion Stormrage step up to the leadership role they seemed to forsake at the end of the burning of Teldrassil and I really wish they had included just the part where Tyrande confronts Anduin about dealing with the Horde incursion into the ending sequence of the destruction of the Nightelf capitol. I feel seeing her walking off saying “We shall do so alone!” would have been a much better ending/cliff-hanger to hold us over to the Night Warrior campaign and Tyrande’s ascendance.

Completing the picture

I finally managed to push through the entire Horde story and war campaign to date. The stories themselves are good and give a much deeper insight into the complete story Blizzard Entertainment is trying to portray in this expansion so far. It is a bit of shame that just playing your main faction you miss out on much of what happens within the overarching story. This leaves one feeling the story is a bit lacking or full of plot holes as it would feel I suppose if one read a book and skipped all the chapters that did not pertain to the one’s own side of the story.

Zikaru in Dazar'alor

This method of storytelling really fits well in a novel but is limiting in a video game space. I get that it may be more immersive I suppose but I think many details that give clues as to what is going on in an overall sense would help better flesh out the experience for both sides. I am really hoping that the hiring of Sebatian Stepian is in some, not so small, way Blizzard realising they need to address their weakness in story delivery across most of their games.

Talanji's Expedition

Again I will not go into great detail but whilst the Alliance has had many victories over their story lines the Horde has not and if you haven’t seen both sides I do highly suggest taking at least one character through each factions main story. Not only will it give you a clearer picture on Battle for Azeroth but in the next patch 8.1.5 it will give you an achievement which grants a dual mount reward for both factions.

There are others?

Outside of World of Warcraft I have been moonlighting a little. I started playing Final Fantasy XIV and I have to say it has mostly been a fun experience. The story so far has been decent and the game play has been ok. I have to say combat wise I am left feeling a bit meh. It is much slower than I am used to and often the new spell effects and sounds overwhelm me a bit.

Inara Final Fantasy XIV

One thing I am struggling with is the lack of sound within elements of the story, world and quests. NPC’s don’t make noises at all which I have come to realise in World of Warcraft really helps with feeling things are alive. There is very little voice acting and to make it worse there is enough dialog to make one fall asleep whilst reading it in the eerie silence of a sudo-cutscene where only the faintest sounds of cloth swishing can be heard as the npc mouth flaps at you. Still I am engaged enough and there is plenty to do. I especially love the Gold Saucer and all the extra game play elements that it brings in. Despite the games ‘short comings’ I am still looking forward to continued adventures there.

I suppose that is the entirety of the catch-up. Between this article and the last Catching up: Overview I have covered everything I have been doing since the beginning of the year. I had meant to write a little bit on the future and some on what I would love to see in World of Warcraft but as I started to add that I felt it would be better served in a completely separate piece. Thank you very much being here and reading these catch-ups. I do hope to stay a bit more current moving forward.

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  1. The Night Warrior scenario turned out so well, compared to how it was on the PTR in its early stages, I am glad it went live as it did. I do look forward to more info on how Delaryn can turn like that. Something is not adding up.

    Awesome screenshots. That cinematic was so well made, I have watched it over and over. The music that plays during the Warfront in Darkshore is so fitting too.

    For sure, fingers crossed for improved story telling inside the game in the future.

    I had no idea that character sounds were not a thing in all over games. That is perculiar!

    I look forward to more from you 🙂

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