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When I first came back to playing World of Warcraft after my wee break the Lunar Festival was just beginning and as I do most years I went on to collect the coins of Ancestry for something, maybe habit. There was a slight difference in my mind-set though. This time on returning I was just looking for some of the fun I felt I was missing in the game.

As I flew off to begin my collections I thought on what I could be doing as I travelled the world. So I looked into my achievement log and found a bunch of archaeology achievements I had long since neglected and decided it was time to finish them. So with pick in hand I flew off to honour the elders and dig up as much of Azeroth’s hidden treasures as I possibly could.

Pterrodax HatchlingThis was a lot of fun and I would often get side-tracked by some detail or picturesque scene I saw along the way. Then one fateful fossil dig unearthed an egg that by some magic or miracle held a living wee Pterrodax Hatchling. This of course meant I had to go into my pet journal and fetch it out to see it. When I did so I noted how many pets there were still out roaming the wilds that I needed to find and befriend. So began anew the passion to collect and train them all.

It all adds up.

I still had some old world Dwarf archaeology achievements to complete and diligently kept at that. Surprisingly I was also able to complete the Nerubian ones as well and find the infamous puzzle box of Yogg-Saron.. creepy thing that. I also leveraged my alts a little when, to my surprise, I discovered that new toys had been added to the holiday.

Whilst working on the archaeology, coin collecting and setting plans for pet collecting I noticed The Fail Train EU had new raid leads for the Alliance and I decided to give them a try and jumped into some raiding as well since the new raid, Battle for Dazar’Alor, had just started the week before. For the first few weeks I ran 3 nights a week till we cleared NM and started progress on HC. The raid has been a lot of fun and was made even more enjoyable by the wonderful raid leads and the general positive atmosphere that abounds in The Fail Train EU.

Once I had completed the old world archaeology achievements and collected enough coins from the elders I promptly returned my attentions to my pet collection. There were so Dwarven Archaeologymany pets to collect. I devised a plan consisting of dailies across my 4 max level characters for pet charms and gold. I made sure to complete the weekly Island expeditions on my main and started using all four level 120’s to farm the Warfront rare mobs when we had patrol. I also repositioned the entire Alt Army to make use of their skills to farm specific raids for missing pets and added all three pet battle dungeons to the weekly rotation.

I tend to start with a small idea or goal then quickly and steadily add more layers of complexity on it to improve efficiency and speed achievement of the task. I do really enjoy the projects whilst I’m doing them but I can see where it often overburdens me. Last night though, after levelling another batch of pets in my Garrison menagerie with Squirt, I noticed how tired I was and dragged myself off to bed early.

Squirt Pet Battle

How much is to much

So in the little over a month since returning I have raided every week clearing Normal and getting to 6/9 in Heroic. I have also completed all the old world archaeology achievements and am poised to finish the Pandaria ones next. My pet collection has grown by over 100 and now even includes some old TCG pets ( Tuskarr Kite <3 ). They have all been levelled to 25 thanks in huge part to the lucky timing of Squirt lining up with the pet battle week event and the regular Squirt menagerie cycle from last night.

This past month, in hind sight, added a lot for me to achieve and manage and as I sit here writing this catch up, whilst spawn camping Gu’chi and Zhu-gon the Sour on the Timeless Isle, I am thinking maybe I should be listening to these strange ‘bear-creatures’ a little more.

There is much more that happened during the past month including the Night Warrior questline, levelling my Horde character to 120 and acquiring all the new toys from both the Lunar Festival and the Love is in the Air holiday events. I plan to do another article in the next few days. It will detail my thoughts on all of that plus some information on activities outside of World of Warcraft, things I hope to one day see in the game and a plethora of screenshots!

Till next time adventurers

Zhu-gon Timeless Isle

May you all alara’shinu.


  1. That is a lot of stuff! Yeah, I think that’s the “danger” of Wow today. If one is not careful, all the time is spent “catching up”. There are so many ways to track progress these days, that it’s easy to lose sight of doing something “just because”. It sounds as if you had a great immersive time with the archaeology 🙂 but yes for sure, and how neat with a little video, slow down is healthy. I hope you continue to enjoy it all at nice speed. Beautiful picture too, I see you are still going in 110%. Take good care of you ❤

    • Aye, I can see where I might push to hard sometimes but stopping or slowing down can be difficult to do.

      I did really enjoy the archaeology and think I should slow down a bit agian and maybe just re-enjoy some of that amazing pandaria sound and scenery. 🙂

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