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Busy Work

After achieving some major goals I had set for myself in World of Warcraft I was feeling a little burnt out but still very happy where I was at in game. I had made over five million gold in two months, enough to transfer all the characters I wanted back to Alliance. I had all characters completely through their personal story lines with mounts and all four druid mage tower appearances.

Outside of WoW personal accomplishments were made. After a year of planning and procrastinating I was finally able to get the blog up and running and I was seriously happy with that! So what happened? Where have I been?

With the minor burn out from World of Warcraft and the happy relaxed feelings from completing the blog I turned to other things. I meant to keep on with the blog but I got side-tracked and I do apologise for that! I really feel I should have kept up on this and at least written about all the fun, interesting and sometimes frustrating things I was doing. So today with week one and two of War of Thorns out for World of Warcraft here is a little recap before I dive into it all with two large articles covering the first two weeks of the World of Warcraft: War of Thorns.


The first week off saw me relaxing catching up on things and deciding what exactly I wanted to do. I have another game I have put a stupid amount of time into and that I absolutely adore that has languished due to not being able to get things lined up just right. The game is ARK Survival Evolved and on the surface it would seem boring, just another survival game but this one… this one has story (and dinosaurs) and the story it has is really good. The delivery method may be a little questionable but it works.

ARK Cheeky Grin

I have many, many hours into this game yet never had I completed it nor had I ever completed all the achievements and collections tied to it. This has always been a slight frustration for me and I decided it was nigh time to rectify that even if I would have to do it solo. You see ARK is a multiplayer open world sandbox type of game and much of what is done relies quite heavily on groups working together to complete objectives. The game has been out for many years in early access and just about one year now as a full launch title. It also has two complete expansions with a dedicated story for the individual maps aARK Victorynd an over-arching story that bridges them all.

Later this year Studio Wildcard plans to release the final expansion, Extinction, to conclude the current story line. I am super hyped for its release and it was the main motivator behind me deciding to push through the story and expansions now even if I had to do it completely on my own. So with that goal in mind I dove in and it wasn’t long before the gang returned wanting to run with me. It was a brilliant surprise and over a month we pushed through to the current expansion. We are taking a wee break so the Warcraft player’s among us can be ready for Battle for Azeroth but we all plan to return to complete things and be ready this autumn for the final expansion.

Some Assembly Required

CPU painsSome of the games I play I run off of my own server which is a dedicated computer setup at my home. With ARK and games like Conan: Exiles and others it is not a major thing to setup and maintain them but with some like ARMA 3 it can be much harder. With many hours of code work across many files and mods.

After getting to a point we were happy with in ARK a couple of friends wanted to play some ARMA 3 with the Exile mod which we haven’t done in ages. This was also the first time I was going to be setting up a server for ARMA on my own setup and it took a fair bit of time. I had to re-download all the mods we normally use: Exile, Zombies and Demons, RzInfection, Defent Mission System, Exile Occupation, Enigma revive, Advanced Towing, Status Bar and Admin Toolkit. Then I had to modify them all, edit the files to make them all work together and recompile the loot tables needed to make it all work. A few days and thousands of lines of code adjusted had the server up and running and now we can jump on and off when we like to have a bit of pew pew fun.

ARMA 3 Never give that man a bike


So that’s a very *cough* short wrap-up of what I have been up to on my time away from the blog and WoW. I really feel I should have kept up and wrote more in-depth about each of these things as they had gone on but alas I did not. I shall endeavour to do so more in the future though as this is meant to be a place for more than just World of Warcraft. With that said though Warcraft is definitely what is back for the now and two new articles are well on their way to being ready to go live.

I get so wrapped up in things sometimes that other things don’t get the attention they deserve and for that I do apologise again. I plan to do more and try harder with keeping up on the blog as it is very important to me and I truly hope you enjoy what is to come!


    • Thank you. I’m not really sure. New places to explore, new stories. For a long time I have had an end game mentallity. Push to max level and begin gearing asap to be ready for the raid yada yada. I am not doing that anymore. I want to try with BfA to recapture some of that lost wonder from when I first began playing WoW. Back when I never even knew an ‘endgame’ existed. I want to let the game lead me and absorb as much as I can along the way.

      Beyond that, system wise, I am looking forward to Warfronts and quite keen to see if Island expeditions can be a good means of repeatable content. I do get crazy bored with M+ as I am not one to run the same thing over and over just for a higher number. I have nothing I wish to prove to myself or others. Mind I do want to perform well in any group I am in I just don’t feel a need to be the best. The games I play are for the shared fun and experience to be had within them not the competition. 🙂

      What are you most looking forward to?

  1. That sounds like a great plan, I hope that it will be a great journey filled with immersion for you 🙂

    Let me get back to you on that later on 🙂 I am trying to re-gather the hype for the expansion. It has gone missing. It’ll be back, sure.

  2. I’ll be posting a new article today on Week 2 of War of Thorns. Maybe that will help. In it I try to explain things and share some of my hype for Battle for Azeroth.

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