Stamp Thunderhorn

The Darkmoon faire opens this week with a most wonderful surprise. A new toy has emerged at the faire, Hot Buttered Popcorn!

This toy can be purchased from Stamp Thunderhorn for 50  Darkmoon Prize Tickets. He’s the one that also gives you the crunchy frogs and fishing quests you can complete once each time the faire is open. For a great guide and tips on how to get some tickets fast head over to WoWhead’s complete Darkmoon Faire Made Easy guide.

Stamp Thunderhorn

I am so happy they added this as a toy. As far back as I can remember I have used “/me munches popcorn” whenever witnessing anything entertaining, silly or even downright nonsensical. To have a toy do this makes it that much more fun.

The animation is a bit short though, only a single bite. Hopefully someday Blizzard will extend the animation loop and let us have a few more bites of this tasty treat. Still it will be fun having some popcorn to munch when tradechat drama kicks off. 🙂


    • Someone in my guild Discord said it existed and I was so excited I instantly went to the DmF checking all the vendors till I found it. Then I had a ‘doh’ moment when I went to WoWhead to find the names of the dungeon drops for tickets as I saw the front page story. 😀

    • Thank you, I tried out the game bar app built into Windows 10 and a macro on one of my mouse buttons to grab the last 30 seconds of game play to a file. It worked a treat and I was able to trim it and rename right in the app easy peasy.

      Indeed it is more fun! 🙂

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