Where to Begin

Where to Begin

On returning to World of Warcraft I spent the first week before the pre-patch getting characters professions sorted so they could maximise their levels going into the profession changes. Sadly in and among this I missed out entirely on the weapon quests. Since I had faction changed back to Alliance the epilogue quest had been reset and I just never thought it crucial to re-run prior to the pre-patch so I never received the quest call to return to Silithus. Thankfully I was able to see it on some others YouTube videos and there was nothing really lost by missing out on it.

Same old Same

The pre-patch dropped with all the usual trappings of bugs and glitches and mad rushes to sort add-ons. I spent the entirety of the week starting the final push to clean up the alt army and prep for Battle for Azeroth. This can sometimes be quite a pain when handling things across fourteen characters and has made me wish a little that I hadn’t taken so much time away.

The first week of pre-patch content arrived and with it the War of Thorns had begun…. For me the beginning was very meh! I played through the quests on my main. Starting in Astranaar and eventually fighting my way to Rut’theran village. Most of the questing felt good and it was nice to play once again in Ashenvale and Darkshore. I really do miss how those zones were prior to Cataclysm and to be honest their destruction then, in some not insignificant way, helped me to move Inara Wildeheart’s story enough to allow me to join friends on the Horde side.

But, My Immersion

The Untouchable EnemyThe abrupt ending of week one where they just left us standing around the docks of Rut’theran felt jarring. To further perceived problems with week one the world quests on offer often broke any immersion of the idea that we were at war when there were Horde forces trying to tag the same mobs and I could not kill them. I suppose this was done to better facilitate War Mode but we will get to that in a little bit.

To add to any frustrations with week one I played through the scenario on my Horde druid and everything felt wrong. Kill Malfurion…harm wisps…..Destroy ancients!! No druid would blindly follow through what they were being told to do! Then I had to really take a hard To Kill an Ancientlook and thatโ€™s when I realised the Horde has always worked on a blind faith/trust leadership model. One where every member does whatever they are ordered to do even though they may not understand, agree or even believe in it until it becomes too much for them to bear. The only way anything changes in the Horde is if the leadership garners enough hate that some or many finally step up to over throw them. Usually this requires a single strong individual to rally the others that feel the same to their cause but not always as the Siege of Orgrimmar did show.

This Sounds Familiar

Death by Gank SquadSo the first weekโ€™s quests were done and I was left with returning to sorting the alt army and War Mode. Let me start off with saying War Mode is everything I expected it to be, massive gank squads raging through the zones killing everything in their path. People would do some solo stuff but soon a raid group would form and sweep through all but forcing the choice to form a raid group or be ganked repeatedly. Once you do join a raid group you simply beat the enemy till they disbanded fleeing back to whatever realm they came from then run around ganking others till your group falls apart. The raid groups would not last long but another enemy raid would rise to reign terror across the zone giving life to a repeating cycle. It was a bit of fun for the five to ten minutes full raid groups would clash but then it would end as the enemy would ran away or We are the Gank Squadcombat log. I still feel it will only remain entertaining for a limited time with most people just trying to snatch rewards and leave. If it was visible to all the sense of urgency and war would have been much more obvious even if one chose not to partake in it but alas it was hidden away in another shard and I was left trying to tag mobs from my enemy before they could.

A Welcome Surprise

There was one wonderful treat the first week though Blizzard released Warbringers: Jaina. It is a brilliant sea shanty video that tells the tale of Jaina Proudmoore’s betrayal of her father Daylen. I won’t say anymore though to see it yourself just use the link and enjoy the amazing treat they created.

The rest of the week dragged on as there was not much else to do other than return to my preparations. As of writing this week two is well under way and there is so much more to be said about the War of Thorns in the next article! Expect a long one. ๐Ÿ˜€


  1. So glad you are back! Oh wait did I say that already? ๐Ÿ˜‰ I want to get those professions up too. I am sorry, which weapon quest do you mean?

    I haven’t tried War fronts yet. They seem fun, in a large group I suppose, but not for levelling.
    Looking forward to your next post! I agree, the time gating of quests hinders the story when there is no explanation, just a weird timed stop.

    Yeah. As a Druid, it was bizarre to witness all that has happened. ๐Ÿ™

  2. There was a small set of quests in the final week before 8.0. This quest brought you back to Magni Bronzebeard in Silithus where you ultimately use your weapon to help absorb the dark power radiating from the sword of Sargeras.

    If you go to Silithus now you will see the sword is dormant the red glow near the pommel has gone dark. The power that lit the sword has been absorbed by our artifact weapons when we held them before it with others. There was even a nice little cutscene showing your character drawing out the power with your artifact weapon.

    This act caused your weapon to overcharge and have some neat effects on the Artifact trait UI for the rest of the week before becoming overloaded and going dark with the release of 8.0 . Sadly if you did not have the epilogue quest for your faction complete you did not get the summon to go through this short event that is no longer available.

    Warfronts btw are a PvE thing that will only come in Battle for Azeroth. They are a new feature/system. Not to be conused with the new PvP War Mode shards. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Aah, yes, that one. Right. I thought I missed the quest that would explain why our Artifacts suddenly overloaded.

    Yeah lots of new terms in BfA, I’ve not looked into them at all yet, thanks for clarifying ๐Ÿ™‚

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