It’s Amazing how Perspectives can change

in a Hundred Years

Inara appears roughly average height, very sturdy looking yet quite graceful and light on her feet. Her skin is a soft purple pink. Her long hair is deep blue green and hangs loosely over her shoulders and back.

She has a young looking face with deep purple lips and a gentle, quizzical smile. Her eyes would be unremarkable in their arcane brilliance if it were not for the slightly wild and playful look within.

Inara is clearly a druid, of any particular type is indecernable. Her armor is well fitted and appears to be crafted from hides, fur, wood, feathers and the upper skull of some deer like creature. Natural greens, reds, browns and yellows give it symmetry and design whilst retaining a completely natural appearance. On her belt she carries 2 small pouchs, 1 large pouch and two large bone teeth that could possibly daggers.

Slung on her back is a large scythe. The snath is a gnarled oaken branch modestly ornamented with purple leather strips, beads and feathers. A forged blade of hardened mithril, polished and enchanted to a soft glow and cast as a crecent moon, is hafted to it with copper and sinew.